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04 2010

Tue, 13 Apr 2010

The End of the 2010 Vintage

For me, the vintage is effectively over now. Okay, it's not really -- others will be processing Touriga Nacional for a port-style wine later in the week, though sadly I won't be able to join in. All of the wines I've been involved in making our now in barrel, and the chardonnay juice is now in the freezer and waiting for another group later in the year to make it into wine.

Empty oak barrels

I thought I'd share a few photos I've taken during the vintage period, and meant to post, though. Here is a very small Potter fermenter. We didn't end up using this, but I couldn't help wondering how long it takes a baby Potter fermenter to grow up to be big like the ones in the background:

Baby Potter fermenter

Also, I liked this baby airbag press:

Baby airbag press

Well, I've not been all that great at blogging this vintage. I'll continue to post bits and pieces as they happen, though.

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