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Fri, 01 Jul 2011

More LibraryThing

Well, I've added two more shelves of books, plus more ones that are just lying around. In many ways, I can't help thinking that a software package would do the job better in that it would probably allow me to export my library to other formats -- there are a couple of GPL'ed programs out there. Still, I'm enjoying doing this.

One thing that I hadn't really thought about, though, is the 'social networking' aspects of the site. Though I'm not a great fan of this in general, it does seem to give this site that 'something extra....'. It's interesting being able to see how many others have a particular book that you also have, and what they think of it. Some of my books are also owned by loads of people (eg American Gods by Neil Gaiman), others by just one or two people (eg The Bumper Book of Lies by Chris Bell, also available online for free at, a few by no one else at all (eg An Indian Summer by Sacheverell Sitwell).

The one thing that vaguely worries me a little is that a person's book selections can say quite a bit about them as a person. I'm not certain exactly what mine says about me (especially given that it is fragmentary so far), or whether I want that much information out in the "public realm". I'm probably being paranoid here, but anyway.

For the moment, here are some random books from my library, care of Library thing:

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Well, I joined this site a few months back, and sort of half-heartedly added a few books. Most I added by creating a text file containing ISBNs and a few notes. It was able to grab the data it required of A few books it didn't seem to know, so I had to add by hand. I used a cameraphone to take shots of the covers for a couple of them, and this seemed to work surprisingly well.

At the moment, I've just added one shelf of books, plus a number of others that were within reach at the time (aka: on the floor next to me). If you want to add more than 200 books, you need to pay up. This is only US$25 for 'life time membership', though the fact you can't currently export your library to a file does worry me a little. I'm not really certain I'll ever have the time to add all my books, either.

Oh well, for the moment a small subset of my library can be found at It may or may not get more complete.

One other thing I'm hoping to try is their Free Advance Review copies. I've added my name for a book, and hope I'll get one. There are, of course, more people who want copies than there are copies...

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