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Fri, 01 Jul 2011

New Address for this blog!

I haven't been updating this blog at all recently, partly due to time, partly due to problems getting the plugin 'moreentries' to work. I've given up on moreentries, and am using flatarchives and categorylist instead (see side menubar).

In other news, this weblog is now hosted on my own server at But, given that you're reading this, I presume you've noticed already...

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Hello, world!

If this is not your first visit to this site, you may have noticed that after being dormant for some time it has undergone a bit of a facelift. This was something it had been badly needing for quite some time, but I'd kept putting off. Especially whilst my honours degree was happening. Now that's over I have less excuse.

One of the new features is this weblog. This uses Blosxom, a fairly simple bit of weblogging software that I am quite fond of. This is the first ever post on this weblog. Hopefully there will be many more. In the meantime, please enjoy looking around the rest of this newly redesigned website!

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Changes to the weblog

The weblog has been moved to a new address -- -- to make use of SDF-EU's new MOTD service. This allows SDF'ers to install and use weblog, wiki and photo gallery software. It has been available to SDF'ers for a little while, but is new to SDF-EU. If you've been following this blog with RSS, the new URL is

If you tried to view this weblog over the weekend and kept getting 500 Internal Server errors, my apologies. These resulted from me trying to install the WriteBack plugin, to allow comments. So far, no luck. Oh well, I'll have to keep trying.

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