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Sun, 17 Jul 2011

Out of memory!

I guess this is a continuation of my Android phone review. One thing has been somewhat annoying me about my Android phone recently.

No, it's not constantly receiving calls from my Aunt Agatha. That's Bertie Wooster you're thinking about there.

It's this friendly little icon:

Low Memory icon

That's the one that tells me my phone thinks it's running low on space on its inbuilt memory. Normally there is a few megabytes spare when it starts to complain, but maybe that's not enough. It's normally just one partition that's starting to run low, the others tend to be okay.

Of course, there is over a gigabyte free on the memory card, but that can't be used for anything other than storing files (photos, music, etc).

Sometimes the problem goes away if I just wait for a bit. Sometime rebooting works. I guess this suggests that temp files are at least part of the problem.

This is annoying for two reasons. One is that it means I have to keep the number of apps I have installed strictly limited. There's an exciting new app out and you'd like to try it out (e.g. ... Google+)? Forget it. I'm down to ones that I use all the time, plus a few extra (Google Sky Map! I don't use it often enough, but it's too good to remove).

The other is that, when the phone is low on space, I can't receive emails or text messages. Potentially very annoying.

Can I blame Zoidberg for this?

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