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Fri, 01 Jul 2011

Dead MacBook - deja vu all over again?

Well, the problems I had had previously with my MacBook had come back again. I think, even though I did manage to revive it last time, that the hard disc still has problems. The computer boots using the same ELive live CD, just not off the hard disc.

At the moment, it's still dead. I don't have a backup that's as up-to-date as I would like, so I'll try copying stuff across the network before I reinstall. Interestingly, I can still read the hard disc when I boot using the Live cd, it just won't boot off it.

Booting from the Mac OS X installer disc, I can run test on the hard disc. The test that checks the file system reports no problems, but it keeps crashing on the test that tests file permissions. I wonder if this is the problem, or just a symptom...

Ironically, I was trying to do a backup when it died. I hadn't plugged in my TimeMachine disc in about 10 days, so plugged it in so it would do a backup. When, after several hours, it had only backed up a few megabytes I decided something was wrong and so restarted it. I then tried again. Then my web browser crashed and couldn't be persuaded to restart. I decided to try restarting the computer, as the backup still wasn't going well. Unfortunately, this time it decided not to restart...

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